Welcome to Bransby Law Firm, P.C.

Just because you need an attorney does not mean you have to meet with someone who will remain a stranger. One of the things that makes Bransby Law Firm, P.C. different is we provide an informal, welcoming environment for clients. While your legal matters are taken very seriously, we understand the more comfortable you feel in our office, the more likely you are to feel confident we can help you address your problems.

Our office is in Stevensville, Montana and we provide family law, estate planning, probate, conservatorship and guardianship services. We also have experience with mediation and can serve as Settlement Master.

When you are facing a legal challenge in Missoula or the Bitterroot Valley, contact our office for help. In an informal atmosphere, we will take the time necessary to explain what you can anticipate, tell you what your options are, and help you develop a strategy for moving forward.