“I enlisted Ken when my daughter’s dad wanted to change our parenting plan and get rid of our guardian ad litem.  Ken’s attention to detail and the fact that we were very prepared prior to going to court made this journey slightly less stressful.  He always encouraged me to take the path of least conflict until it was obvious we needed to approach it differently to protect my daughter.  I have appreciated his support through this process.”

“I was very pleased with how Ken Bransby processed my dissolution.  In giving advice he steers his clients down the high road. He was good at keeping expectations reasonable yet, fought very hard for my goals and we were able to achieve a very good outcome. In the courtroom he is incredibly prepared and aggressive when he needed to be yet, always calm and polite. Ken is someone I would highly recommend to others.”

“Ken, I have not had time to write a proper thank you. You and Lisa are the best team we could have ever hoped for,  Your dedication to our family was amazing.  I know the long hours you put in on this case.

I will forever think of you as a friend and will always be amazed at your ability to get at the truth.  Your cross examination was a thing of beauty.  You were prepared and had the facts at hand and the outcome quick decision by the Judge shows that. Lisa thank you for supporting us as we went thru this difficult situation.”

“Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. I greatly appreciate it. Your patience, kindness and hard work have shown me what a great and caring person you are. I can’t say thank you enough!”.

“In honor of celebrating pro bono week, we would like to thank you for your pro bono work this year. Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated!”

 “I would like to thank you all for your expert legal help, as well as the compassion given to me though this whole process. I appreciate all that you have been able to accomplish for us. I highly recommend your law office to anyone seeking legal counsel!”

 “Our sincere thanks to all who worked for us on this matter!  The boys future is more secure because you cared!”

 “I just wanted to thank you for your good wisdom and kind words concerning my matter. I felt so much better after speaking with you. I’ve got a great plan and I am ready to make a change! Thank you again for your time and effort”.

“I want you to know how very much I appreciate the work you did for me during my dissolution. It was a very difficult time, made less stressful by your expertise.”

 “Thank you very much for the help you gave me in trying to help my friend. I think things will turn out okay for him. I appreciate the time you took to help me.”